J. Carver Distillery Announces First Release of 7 Year Bourbon

J. Carver Distillery of Waconia, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the first release of J. Carver 7 Year Bourbon. This fine whiskey offers the unique flavors of Minnesota grains with the complexity of a carefully crafted, well-aged whiskey.

“Planning for J. Carver 7 Year Bourbon began several years ago, by carefully selecting our favorite barrels and holding them on-site in reserve for long term aging,” stated Bill Miller, founding partner. “Great whiskey is not exclusive to Kentucky or Tennessee. This first release of J. Carver Bourbon represents a milestone of sorts, and our extensive inventory of similarly aged barrels of other products makes us excited to plan similar releases of our other barreled spirits in the future.”

“We are excited by the interest generated by our partners throughout the spirits industry about this product,” added Gina Holman, founding partner. “J. Carver Distillery has been barreling whiskey for more than eight years, and we are gratified that our larger barrels are producing the flavors we had hoped for.” Holman continues, “our first release J. Carver 7 Year Bourbon offers intriguing and complex flavors of baked pear, caramel, brown sugar, dried orange peel, cocoa, oak, vanilla, and baking spice notes with a long, soft and smooth finish.”

J. Carver 7 Year Bourbon

  • Distilled from local Minnesota corn, Minnesota rye, malted barley, and aged for more than 7 years in charred new oak barrels
  • Non-chill filtered and bottled at 94.2 proof
  • First release produced 1,298 bottles
  • Handcrafted entirely on-site in Waconia, Minnesota

J. Carver 7 Year Tasting Notes

Color: Deep amber

Aroma: Sweet nose, caramel, toffee, citrus, and toasted oak

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied, smooth, balanced, elegant

Flavor: An amazing balance of sweetness and spice. Rich with intriguing flavors of baked pear, caramel, brown sugar, dried orange peel, cocoa, oak, vanilla, and baking spice notes with a long, soft and smooth finish.

Finish: Long, smooth, elegant finish

Aged: 84-90+ months

Proof: 94.2 proof

Mash Bill: MN 71% corn, MN 20% rye, and 9% malted barley

The first release of J. Carver 7 Year Bourbon is available for wholesale purchase exclusively through St. Paul-based distributor The Wine Company Minnesota. Consumers can search the store finder at www.jcarverdistillery.com for retailers by city or zip code including South Lyndale, The Vintage Chanhassen, Dolce Vita, MGM Waconia, Colony Plaza Liquor, Hi-5 Liquors, Inn Town Liquors, Good Time Liquor in Norwood Young America, North Loop Wine & Spirits, Zipps Liquors, Thomas Liquors, Lake Wine and Cheese, St. Boni Liquor, Lunds & Byerlys Wines & Spirits, Kowalski’s Uptown Minneapolis, Kowalski’s St. Paul, Kowalski’s Woodbury, Hennepin Lake Liquors, 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits, Stinson Wine Beer & Spirits, France 44 Wines & Spirits, The Little Wine Shoppe, Harbor Wine & Spirits, Wayzata Wine & Spirits, Lakeside Wine and Spirits, Southside Liquors, Rite Liquor, International Wines & Liquors, Sunfish Cellars, Viking Liquor Barrel, Dabbler Depot, Haskell’s Excelsior, Haskell’s Plymouth, Haskell’s White Bear Lake, Liquor Barn, Northbound and Westbound Liquor Stores in Elk River, Eden Prairie Liquor Stores, Savage Municipal Liquor Stores, Liquor Hutch, Spiritz of Melrose, Plaza Liquor in Alexandria, MGM Spring Park, MGM Tonka Bay, MGM Chanhassen, MGM Eagan, Wine Thief Ale Jale, Jerry’s Wine & Spirits, Marshall Liquor, Dennis Brother’s Liquor, Ace Spirits, Violet Wine, Vinifera Wines and Ales as well as these fine restaurants including Gianni’s, Bacio, Cov Wayzata, Cov Edina, Winchester and Rye Whiskey Lounge, WA Frost, Proper Stillwater, Lolo American Kitchen and Craft Bar, Farmer’s Kitchen & Rail, PLate on Main, TPC Twin Cities, Arts + Rec Uptown, Roxy Caberet, and Fhima’s in Minneapolis. Due to the limited availability of this product, please call ahead to make sure product is in stock.

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