Wyoming Whiskey Celebrates 10 Years of Whiskey Making

Wyoming Whiskey celebrates a decade of whiskey making with the release of a 10 Year Anniversary Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey. In honor of the anniversary, Wyoming Whiskey founding master distiller Steve Nally and master blender Nancy Fraley have barrel selected and batched a rich and balanced 10-year-old rye bourbon worthy of the milestone. This masterpiece whiskey reflects 20 of the rarest casks at the Wyoming Whiskey distillery that were filled in November and December of 2011 and is the oldest product ever released by Wyoming Whiskey.

“Over the last ten years, these barrels have quietly evolved into something extraordinary. ” said Wyoming Whiskey co-founder David DeFazio. “10 Year Anniversary Edition is in a class of its own. We are blown away by the quality and complexity of this product. It’s memorable.” 

Ten years ago today, Brad and Kate Mead and David DeFazio launched their flagship Small Batch bourbon. Years before, they started with the lofty goal of creating America’s next great bourbon and the promise of extending the bourbon frontier to the Rocky Mountains. Since then, every drop of Wyoming Whiskey carries with it the character of the region and has become the Whiskey of the West.

Cattle ranchers and attorneys by trade, the entrepreneurial trio packed their ambition and headed to Kentucky where they went knocking on the door of Bourbon Hall of Famer, Steve Nally. They already had the land, water and grains they needed to produce bourbon, they just needed the leadership and knowledge of a world-renowned distiller to put the pieces together. With little convincing, Nally became Wyoming Whiskey’s founding distiller. The rest is history. 

“We are proud to honor our roots in this state with an exceptional 10-year-old whiskey created by the fusion of Wyoming water, Wyoming grains and Wyoming weather. We will always distill our whiskey the right way, not the easy way,” said Brad Mead, co-founder of Wyoming Whiskey.

Wyoming Whiskey 10 Year Anniversary Edition Rye Bourbon (MSRP $199.99)

Mash bill: 68% Corn, 20% Rye, 12% Malted Barley 

Specs: Aged 10.5 years, 48% ABV, 96 proof

Tasting notes: 

  • COLOR: After 10 years in the barrel, it has developed a deep copper to mahogany color
  • NOSE: Heady notes of Rye Manhattan cocktails with brandied cherries, medjool dates in thick syrup, cayenne pepper-candied pecans, and baklava drizzled with orange blossom honey
  • PALATE: Candied yams with pecans and toasted marshmallows, black currant liqueur, sweet cornbread muffins with honey butter, and cinnamon toast with blackberry-maple syrup.
  • MOUTHFEEL: Soft, warming alcohol, with caramelized wood sugars and a tingle of rye spice enveloping the mouth cavity.
  • FINISH: Lingering notes of dark dried fruit mingled with warming brown baking spices.

 10 Year Anniversary Edition will be available in-store in select US markets including California, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, New York and Wyoming.

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