Detroit City Distillery Announces Surprise Release of Hometown Horseradish Vodka

Before the launch of its annual Pączki Day Vodka on Friday, Feb. 3, Detroit City Distillery will add an additional limited-edition vodka distilled with fresh horseradish, called Hometown Horseradish. This unique vodka is perfect for making the ultimate Bloody Mary and is made from raw horseradish and 100% Michigan corn vodka.

“Every year when we release Pączki Day Vodka, we try to create an amazing experience for our fans and reward them with something new,” said Michael Forsyth, co-owner of Detroit City Distillery. “This year’s big surprise is Hometown Horseradish Vodka. We called it Hometown Horseradish because we always associate horseradish with special family dinners and with recipes passed down for generations. It reminds you of home and where you come from. In addition to having a solid kick, it might be the smoothest vodka we’ve ever made.”

Hometown Horseradish Vodka, along with ready-to-drink Bloody Marys, cocktails, limited edition merch and Pączki Day Vodka will also go on sale at 8 a.m. on Friday, February 3 at and will be available for pick up at the Tasting Room at 2462 Riopelle Street in Eastern Market at 4 p.m. Bottles are $35 each. Due to its limited quantity, Hometown Horseradish Vodka is expected to sell out immediately. It will not be available for sale at liquor stores and bars.

Special Events

·         February 3 – Pączki Day Vodka Launch Party – 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. 2462 Riopelle Street in Eastern Market. Buyers of spirits will be able to pick up their purchases in-person. Details here.

·         February 12 – Polish Bloody Brunch with Pietrzyk Pierogi on Sunday, Feb 12 from noon-3 p.m. Details here.

·         February 18 – Pączki Party – Detroit City Distillery Tasting Room – Date: Saturday, February 18, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Location: 2462 Riopelle Street in Eastern Market – Detroit City Distillery Tasting Room – Indoors and outdoors, with limited capacity and free admission. The outdoor patio area encompasses an entire city block. Details here.

How to Buy

Sales will commence online via on Friday, February 3 at 8 a.m. Bottles of Pączki Day Vodka and Hometown Horseradish Vodka are $35 each. Cocktails include the Polish Daisy at $10 per bottle or $36 for a 4-pack. The Polish Bloody Mary is $12 per bottle. Customers can collect their purchases at DCD’s Tasting Room at 2462 Riopelle Street in Detroit’s Eastern Market starting Friday, February 3 at 4 p.m. Pick ups are available anytime the Tasting Room is open for business. 

Pączki Day Vodka will also be available at select liquor stores throughout Michigan and Illinois in February while supplies last. Limited quantities are also available for out-of-state shipping via direct-to-consumer shipping partnerships. Hometown Horseradish Vodka is only available for purchase online in DCD’s shop. It will not be available for sale at liquor stores and bars.

Other Merchandise

Detroit City Distillery is also excited to announce the availability of limited edition Pączki Day Vodka merchandise. This includes a variety of apparel items such as hoodies, shirts, t-shirts and hats, all featuring the iconic Pączki Day Vodka logo. These items are the perfect way for fans of the distillery to show off their love for the brand and their appreciation for the unique and delicious Pączki Day Vodka. The merchandise will be available for purchase on the Detroit City Distillery website and at the Tasting Room at 2462 Riopelle Street in Eastern Market. Get your hands on these exclusive items before they sell out!

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