Thrasher’s to Host National Rum Day Celebration

Toast to the rum authority, scuba diver turned distiller, Todd Thrasher, on National Rum Day, Wednesday, August 16, 2023, at his waterfront Potomac Distilling Company, or gathering spot, Tiki TNT, or the NEWThrasher’s Mobile Rum Trailer – all at the District Wharf.

Taking advantage of the rum-centric day, Thrasher’s X-MAS Special in the summer is the Barrel Bundle – Jamaican and Relaxed Rums for a special price of $150 [regularly $162]. And the highly popular liquid market of futures has his exclusive, limited edition release – Thrasher’s Queen’s Share – available to purchase NOW, and reserve bottle(s) to pick-up in November, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Pre-order purchase is at a special price of $48 [$58 in November.] Holiday shopping at the distillery could not be more convenient and relevant!

The Queen’s Share is the tropical essence of an aged rum in medium charred oak barrels. It undergoes extended maturation and additional distilling to deliver a higher concentration of rum oils and rich aromas, imparting a smooth finish. This unique process leads to a complex spirit with depths of flavor, bottled at cask strength. The label is designed by Cameron Schuyler, an artist who illustrates posters for musical groups like Soja and Dirty Heads. 

The Pre-Holiday Barrel Bundle features a dynamic duo of Thrasher’s Relaxed Rum and Thrasher’s Jamaican Rum. Aged over four years in new American white oak barrels, the deep amber hue of the Relaxed Rum is similar to bourbon, featuring notes of vanilla and tobacco with smoky overtones. The full-bodied, fruity, funky flavors of Thrasher’s Jamaican Rum stems from the process of the “wild” fermentation of molasses, and then aged in 30-year-old barrels. The label is a true work of art from musical mastermind, David Foral, who is widely known as the bass guitarist for globally touring, alternative rock group, Dirty Heads.

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