Koloa Rum Co. Raised Over $44K in Maui Wildfire Relief Sales Benefiting Maui Strong

On Aug. 26, Koloa Rum Co. of Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii, hosted an online and in-store event to support Maui ohana impacted by the devastating wildfires, where 100% of proceeds go to the local nonprofit organization, Maui Strong. Koloa Rum, the premium craft rum distiller on Kauai known as The Spirit of Aloha, raised a grand total of $44,106 in in-store and online sales of rum, island-inspired merchandise, rum-infused foods and more. 

“We are overwhelmed by the outcome of the event and for the support of our loyal fans, who participated in our goal of giving back to our fellow island neighbors,” said Bob Gunter, president and CEO of Koloa Rum Co.. “Raising over $44,000 in sales exceeded our initial expectations, and we’re grateful we’re able to donate 100% of those proceeds to Maui Strong, in their commitment to helping the Lahaina community.”

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