Old Hillside Bourbon Raises Funds for Veterans with Limited-Edition Whiskey

For those looking for ways to support veterans this Veteran’s Day, Durham, North Carolina-based Old Hillside Bourbon Co. will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Purple Heart Rye Whiskey in support of Military Missions In Action, a nonprofit organization committed to assisting veterans in need. Co-founded by a veteran, Old Hillside is committed to supporting its community of veterans.

The whiskey is a tribute to two local heroes: Sergeant Nathan Jakubisin of the United States Marine Corps and Sergeant Derek Drew of the United States Army, who have both demonstrated remarkable courage and dedication in their service to our nation. Their stories of valor and sacrifice serve as an inspiration to all, which is why Old Hillside Bourbon wanted to honor them for their dedication to our country.

Aged in a new charred oak barrel and non chill filtered, this process provides a smooth and easy drinking experience. The Purple Heart Rye Whiskey is available via ReserveBar in a 750-mL bottle at 104 proof.

Old Hillside Bourbon company was created out of the love for bourbon, friendship and camaraderie. Old Hillside is a veteran and Black-owned, smooth 4-year single barrel 97 proof Kentucky straight bourbon, with a motto of: History, Heritage and Homage. Created with the perfect blend of corn, rye and barley malt, this bourbon represents a story people can cherish and love, while enjoying a quality-made bourbon.

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