Lexington Brewing & Distilling Announces Limited Releases

Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co., the only brewery and distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, announces a second-time limited release bourbon expression in conjunction with a third-time limited release Kentucky Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beer just in time for the holidays. Town Branch Maple Barrel Stout Finished Bourbon (SRP $69.99 / 750ml) and Kentucky Maple Barrel Imperial Stout (SRP $19.99 / 4pk Cans) are now available nationwide in limited quantities.   

Life of the Barrel: A Tale of Two Maples 

In late 2021, Lexington made its first release of Kentucky Maple Barrel Imperial Stout after 18-months of aging in barrels that had previously held Kentucky bourbon whiskey and then maple syrup as a second fill. This first release of the award-winning beer inspired a multi-year commission of several releases to come between beer and spirits in pursuance of the Life of the Barrel. 

After decanting the inaugural batch of Kentucky Maple Barrel Imperial Stout barrels, they were quickly allocated to the distillery production team and re-filled with Town Branch Bourbon to let those barrels finish, achieving flavors of the beer alongside traditional flavors of bourbon. The blending team at Town Branch Distillery acknowledges that “Not all ex-beer barrels work for finishing bourbon, but something like a big 12% abv Imperial Maple Stout was too good to pass up the opportunity to try, especially from our own brewing team.” 

Over a year later in September 2022, the first release of Town Branch Maple Barrel Stout Finished Bourbon saw about half the barrels blended and released in tandem with the second release of Kentucky Maple Barrel Imperial Stout in honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month.  The result, a distinctly finished Bourbon where flavors of beer-meets-bourbon collide, all the while building upon the DNA of all the products to rest within the Life of the Barrel.  The remaining bourbon barrels not emptied would continue their finishing journey for an extended period. 

Skip forward to 2023 – after the Kentucky®️ Maple Barrel Imperial Stout took home a Gold Medal “Style Winner” for Worlds Best Flavoured Stout in the 2022 World Beer Awards, the dynamic duo again would be commissioned for release.  Town Branch Maple Barrel Stout Finished Bourbon will release this year, older, wiser and this time around with double the finishing time as was the previous release.   

What’s next? – with a handful of bourbon barrels still resting in the projects original ex- Kentucky Maple Barrel Imperial Stout barrels and scheduled to be released in 2024 with over 3-years finishing time, the brewery has also already laid down another brew to align for release.   

Brand Highlights: 

Town Branch Maple Barrel Stout Finished Bourbon (SRP $69.99/750ml) 

  • A unique expression of Town Branch Bourbon finished in freshly decanted Kentucky®️ Maple Barrel Imperial Stout barrels to add flavors of the beer alongside traditional flavors of bourbon.   
    • 2022 Release – 1-year finishing time in barrel 
    • 2023 Release – 2-years finishing time in barrel  
  • Mash Bill: Town Branch Bourbon, finished (72% Corn, 15% Rye, 13% Malted Barley) 
  • ABV: 47% / 94 Proof 
  • Estimated Availability: 2022 = 1,100 cases / 2023 = 750 cases 
  • Tasting Notes:  
    • Appearance: Dark hue from double finishing 
    • Aroma: Hints of roasted malt, cocoa, oak, and maple syrup 
    • Palate: Roasted malt, cocoa, brown sugar, cherry, and vanilla 
    • Finish: Oak, caramel, and rich maple syrup 

Kentucky®️ Maple Barrel Imperial Stout (SRP $19.99 / 4pk Cans) 

  • A bold imperial stout brewed with brown sugar, evoking flavors of roasted malt and cocoa.  This brew was aged for 18-months in freshly decanted maple syrup bourbon barrels.  
  • Malt Types: Carapils, Chocolate, Crystal 80 and 2-Row Pale Ale 
  • ABV: 12% / 24 Proof 
  • Estimated Availability: November YR1 = 2,200 cs / YR2 = 2,300 cs / YR3 (current release) = 1,950 cs 
  • Cellar Regiment:  
    • Temperature Cellared: 42-degrees Fahrenheit  
    • Barrel Type: Freshly decanted Kentucky Bourbon Barrels 
  • Tasting Notes:  
    • Appearance: Dark and toffee 
    • Aroma: Caramel and sweet roasty notes 
    • Palate: Rich and full 
    • Finish: Sweet molasses and full 
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