Thrasher’s Rum Announces Limited-edition Release

Distiller Todd Thrasher is releasing his new, specialty curated Thrasher’s Rum, QUEEN’S SHARE, on the day after Thanksgiving.

This limited-edition release uses the most critical of ingredients – sugarcane and natural spring water – along with inspiration from mythical origins and the use of modern craftsmanship. The rum is further aged in medium charred oak barrels after the initial distilling. The extended maturation in a second distilling delivers a high concentration of rum oils and rich aromas, imparting a satisfying mouthfeel finish. This unique process leads to a more complex spirit with depths of flavor. It is bottled at cask strength, preserving the robust character. The eye-catching label is designed by the acclaimed artist, Cameron Schuyler, who illustrates posters for top musical groups, including Soja and The Dirty Heads. 

Skilled scuba diver and instructor, Thrasher – bartender turned distiller – draws upon his experiences from islands around the world, shepherding the tastes of the tropics, past and present, into his new release – a bottle beyond measure – Queen’s Share. Thrasher’s waterfront rum emporium houses his Potomac Distilling Co. and award-winning bar, Tiki TNT, in Washington, D.C. Thrasher has set the bar high with each label release, eight in total, and he will continuously fuel his passion in search of his next discovery.

The Queen’s Share will be available for $68 [750 ML bottle.] 

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