Copperworks Releases Whiskey Featuring Rare Barley Varietal

Seattle-based Copperworks Distilling Co. has unveiled Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey Single Cask No. 126-2.

Brewed and distilled from 100% Baronesse barley, a rare barley varietal grown by the family-owned Joseph’s Grainery in Colfax, Washington, and malted by LINC Malt in Spokane Valley, Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey Single Cask No. 126-2 was then matured for over five years in one of Copperworks’ previously used American single malt whiskey casks.

“While you may have tried one of our previous whiskey releases using this delicious barley varietal, this is our first-ever release of a Baronesse barley-crafted whiskey that was matured exclusively in a refill cask,” said Copperworks Distilling Co. president Jason Parker. “As there is less direct flavor contributed from the cask itself, this style of maturation allows the nuanced flavor of this special barley varietal to shine through.”

Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey Single Cask No. 126-2

Limited release of only 195 bottles (750ml)

64% ABV

$89.99 (+ tax and shipping)

Tasting Notes

Cask 126-2 is fresh and bright on the nose with aromas of candy orange slices, grape pomace, and honeyed bread. The sweet framework continues across the palate holding peach white tea, oak, a subtle salinity, and florality in balance. Apple pie filing, evergreen sap, oak, and amarena cherry get together on the finish and linger as long as you allow.

“Enjoy neat, or explore how the flavors display themselves differently with different levels of water,” said Copperworks Distilling Co. co-owner and vice president Jeff Kanof.

To purchase online:

To purchase in person:

Copperworks’ Seattle Distillery & Tasting Room at 1250 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101.

Copperworks – Kenmore, located at 7324 NE 175th St, Kenmore WA, 98028.

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