New Holland Spirits Launches Vodka-Based RTD Flavored Seltzers

Michigan’s proximity to fresh water is no secret, even the state’s name derives from the Ojibwa word mishigamaa, meaning large lake. For many Michiganders, lake means life, and now New Holland Spirits has introduced a line of vodka-based hard seltzers that reinforces that philosophy. Lake Life Seltzers arrive in Michigan this month with Cranberry Lime and White Peach Honey debuting as the first flavors. 

Brand manager Adam Dickerson believes the new products will fit perfectly into the coastal lifestyle. 

“Lake Life embodies the idea of letting loose,” Dickerson says. “Unplugging from the daily grind to step back and enjoy the weekend, the day or even just a moment of carefree vibes.”  

Made with Lake Life Vodka and fruit flavors, the two new seltzers allow consumers to drink by the lake without the hassle of extra ingredients or supplies—a cooler and some ice will do. The house-distilled vodka is what truly separates this seltzer from the pack. Lake Life Vodka launched in 2019, inspired by Michigan’s West Coast and savored moments spent on the water. Flavorwise, the spirit is smooth and subtly sweet, providing the perfect base to build a seltzer upon. 

Head Distiller Brad Kamphuis sees the utility of both the spirit and the seltzer in different situations. 

“If you enjoy mixing yourself a drink, Lake Life vodka has you covered, but we are stoked to be able to offer the ease of a ready-made beverage with Lake Life Seltzers,” Kamphuis says. “Both recipes are refreshing, crisp and balanced with just the right amount of fruit flavor.” 

Lake Life Seltzer contains just 80 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar and are gluten-free.

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