Distill Ventures Launches New World Whisky Series

Following Distill Ventures’ (DV) inaugural New World Whisky Summit held in September 2020, the world’s first independent drinks accelerator—devoted to building and scaling the drinks brands of the future—has launched a New World Whisky video series dedicated to expanding category knowledge within the industry.

Defined by DV as whisky not produced in Ireland, Scotland, the U.S. or Japan, New World Whisky also encompasses unconventional whisky, such as American single malt or Scottish rye, made in established whisky-making countries. The series features the views of influential experts to show the true potential of this exciting category, which is being fueled by exceptional innovation, digital communication and a new generation of blenders, founders and disruptive distilleries.

Free to view on DV’s website, the four-part series offers unique insights from industry experts including global whisky expert, Becky Paskin, as well as Andy Gemmell, Owner of The Gate in Glasgow, Dr Ivan Saldana, Founder of Abasolo in Mexico and Dawn Davies, Head Buyer at the Whisky Exchange.

“The Drinkers” explores what New World Whisky means to the drinker, and why curious consumers are thirsty to educate themselves and discover more interesting whiskies that offer a transparent, straight talking brand story. 

“The Makers” interviews pioneering makers from around the world to reveal what the new category means to them, what inspired them to experiment with new ingredients and production methods, and how they’re breaking free from traditional expectations of what a whisky should be.

“The Sellers” focuses on how New World Whisky brands have reacted to rapidly changing shopping habits over the last 12 months, and how many have quickly pivoted to maximise online sales and keep consumers engaged through digital shows, tastings, subscription-based offerings, and by developing new packaging which makes home delivery easier than ever before.

“Flavour & Discovery” concludes the series by revealing industry leaders’ thoughts on what New World Whisky means to them and the wider category, as well as what can be done to entice, excite and educate consumers as they embark on their own journeys of discovery within this exciting new sub-category.

“New World Whisky is a category that we’ve long believed in,” said Frank Lampen, co-Founder and CEO at Distill Ventures, in a press release. “Since we founded DV back in 2013, over half of our committed investment has gone to growing and scaling the next generation of global whisky brands. Eager to play our part in contributing to the industry, we always aim to share the knowledge and experience of our founders, partners and team so that we can collectively work together to develop the category. We hope our new series provides viewers with a glimpse into what we believe is one of the most exciting, dynamic spaces in the industry.” 

With a global whisky portfolio that includes Stauning, Starward, and Westward Whiskey – amongst others – and a team of category experts between London and New York, Distill Ventures’ dedicated whisky practice, established in the company’s infancy, has proudly worked alongside the industry’s best and brightest founders to drive rapid growth in this exciting category. 

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