RNDC and LibDib Announce Exclusive Partnership with Tickr

Leading wholesale alcohol distributors Republic National Distributing Co. (RNDC) and LibDib, today announced an exclusive multi-year deal with artificial intelligence (AI) driven media analytics provider Tickr, a platform that is used by global brands such as Porsche, Johnson & Johnson, and Olympus. The new partnership gives the two distributors exclusive access to the Tickr technology within the beverage alcohol industry and will enable both companies to provide cutting-edge data analytics and insightful visualizations to their wine and spirits suppliers. 

As part of the deal, RNDC and LibDib will provide real-time Tickr dashboards for suppliers using internal and external data sources to publish brand and product performance by geography and segment, relevant media coverage, social media activity, and site analytics. The dashboards will also include wholesale, internal sales and distribution data that will be fed from the proprietary eRNDC and LibDib platforms. 

“The proliferation of digital technology has made real-time data access paramount for the success of brands,” said Tracy Ariail, Senior Vice President, eCommerce and Digital at RNDC. “Tickr technology takes our AI and analytics power to the next level by providing suppliers and the RNDC team instant access to a comprehensive representation of their sales and brands at any given moment. It will offer the most holistic view of brand performance available in our industry.” 

Tickr leverages state-of-the-art deep learning and natural language processing to create a unified interface, eliminating the need for senior executives, brand managers and sales teams to use multiple independent data sources in order to access relevant data. Insights can be presented immediately in a meeting-ready format, enabling teams to stay focused on generating high-value insights, strategy and action.

“It’s clear that combining e-commerce with e-marketing is the next wave of growth in beverage alcohol. With Tickr, RNDC and LibDib can now provide unprecedented access to wholesale data and analytics as part of their forward-looking strategy,” said Tyler Peppel, Tickr Founder and CEO. “We’re honored to work with two industry leaders in their quest to transform alcohol distribution as we know it.”

This partnership follows RNDC and LibDib’s December 2020 announcement of their new joint data analytics lab. Together, RNDC and LibDib are actively developing AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms for the two distributors’ wholesale digital commerce experience. The joint effort has begun fueling insight, automation and artificial intelligence into both the LibDib and eRNDC digital commerce platforms to benefit customers, suppliers and the RNDC salesforce.

“Tickr dashboards take our data and analytics to the next level by giving suppliers personalized, multi-source visualizations that can easily and quickly be accessed at any moment,” said Richard Brashears, CIO of LibDib. “No one has combined external and internal data sources like this before and we are thrilled to be first to market with such a comprehensive solution.” 

Data and analytics has been one of RNDC and LibDib’s most important initiatives. Both companies plan to continue to invest in cutting-edge technology that elevates the digital experience for RNDC’s salesforce, suppliers and customers alike. RNDC and LibDib plan to roll out custom Tickr dashboards to suppliers in the coming months.

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