RNDC Launches New Sales Division, LibDib@RNDC Texas

Republic National Distributing Co. and LibDib are pleased to announce the launch of LibDib@RNDC TX, a new sales division at RNDC within the state of Texas. LibDib@RNDC TX brings LibDib’s unique platform-based distribution model to RNDC Texas, which will allow any compliant supplier to secure distribution for products in the state. 

“Bringing the LibDib model to RNDC Texas allows for suppliers to have the best of both worlds,” said Pape Swanson, State EVP, Texas for RNDC, in a press release. “There is a distribution option for both established RNDC suppliers, as well as new and emerging brands. As partners, LibDib can easily graduate brands when they are ready for the RNDC model. It’s a win-win for both distributors, as well as the brands, which is exciting for our industry.”

To start, LibDib@RNDC TX will open to a select group of both LibDib and RNDC spirits suppliers. The sales division will then open the market to all suppliers in the coming months. Current LibDib Makers and new suppliers interested in spirits distribution in Texas can express interest here and will be alerted when the market is open for distribution. The LibDib@RNDC TX sales division is currently available for spirits suppliers and a wine portfolio will be added soon.

“As a current RNDC supplier I am thrilled to join the LibDib@RNDC TX division,” said Philip Rawleigh, VP of Business Development at Distillery 291 of Colorado. “Our whiskies are seeing much success in other LibDib markets and having the ability to utilize LibDib’s innovative tools and expand our sales team’s capabilities in the Texas market will enable us to grow the brand even farther.”

“My vision for all Makers to have wholesale distribution in any market via LibDib’s e-commerce platform is becoming a reality,” said Cheryl Durzy, CEO and Founder of LibDib. “With the addition of RNDC’s Texas capabilities, LibDib Makers will soon have access to all five of the top markets in the U.S., from one platform. This groundbreaking development is an important step in the evolution of the three-tier system and its inclusiveness to all brands.”

Texas is the first market for the LibDib@RNDC model and both companies plan to expand this capability to other RNDC markets in the near future. Specific details on how the division will operate are available here

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