Oak & Eden Launches Anthro Series with Actor, Skier

Dallas-based Oak & Eden has embarked into unprecedented territory with the release of its latest product line, The Anthro Series, a revolving line of unique whiskeys crafted in collaboration with some of America’s most notable personalities, from actors to musicians to professional athletes. This product series is made possible by Oak & Eden’s patented process of In-Bottle Finishing, whereby a spiral-cut piece of oak (called a spire) is placed into every bottle of fully-aged whiskey, introducing new flavor profiles and characteristics that didn’t exist in the original aging barrel. Oak & Eden then has the opportunity to infuse the spire with another libation, such as wine, coffee, beer, liqueur, etc., giving the ability to customize each bottle of whiskey at individual level. The personalities they partner with have the ability to customize their product by selecting the base whiskey (bourbon, rye, wheated bourbon, or four grain bourbon), the alcohol proof (90 proof or 116 proof), the spire wood species (American Oak, French Oak, maple wood, cherry wood), and then an infusion selected by the personality. The entire Anthro Series lineup will be exclusively distributed direct-to-consumer and is currently available to purchase online in 32 states. 

Oak & Eden has launched The Anthro Series with none other than one of America’s most beloved television personalities, American cowboy and actor, Forrie J. Smith, or better known as Lloyd Pierce from Paramount Network’s hit TV show, “Yellowstone.” Forrie collaborated with Oak & Eden to produce a 116 proof bourbon whiskey finished with a cold brew coffee soaked American Oak spiral, which has already caught the attention of fans and bourbon enthusiasts alike. 

Oak & Eden also partnered with professional skier and entrepreneur, Kina Pickett, a rising name who has recently been the poster child for Matador Network’s Beyondland Roadtrip campaign, in partnership with Airstream. Kina collaborated with Oak & Eden to produce a 90 proof bourbon whiskey finished with a maple syrup soaked American Oak spiral.

 “The Anthro Series is the pinnacle of the Oak & Eden brand,” said Brad Neathery, co-founder and CMO of Oak & Eden in a press release. “We are giving the power to the people, allowing them to create their own one-of-a-kind whiskey on their terms, not ours. This is only the beginning of a much larger initiative, and we couldn’t be more honored to partner with Forrie and Kina to kick off the Anthro Series.” Oak & Eden has secured additional personalities to collaborate with for future releases inside the Anthro Series, but has not yet disclosed the names. 

To learn more about the Anthro Series and to purchase a bottle, visit oakandeden.com/anthro

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