Brody’s Releases Five Bottled Cocktails

Brody’s, a new customizable bottled cocktail brand located in Collingswood, New Jersey, launches this week. This woman-founded beverage brand is releasing a collection of five bottled cocktails, now available in select liquor stores in the Philadelphia area and to 31 states via the brand’s ecommerce platform. 

The line features a combination of ready-to-pour cocktails meant to be enjoyed as is or customized by adding a sparkling beverage of choice. The cocktail offerings are:

  • Minted Mule – a minty mingle of vodka and spicy ginger with a splash of lime (25% ABV)
  • French 75 – notes of bright juniper gin with a tart lemon kiss and a lingering licorice finish (18% ABV)
  • Air Mail – rum infused with rich honey, bright lime and earthy aromatic bitters (20% ABV)
  • Black Orchid – a fresh bouquet of vodka, fruit and flowers, featuring black raspberry, citrus and violet (16% ABV)
  • Touch of Grey – a bittersweet blend of gin, black tea, bergamot, black raspberry and honey (17% ABV)

The idea for Brody’s was born in co-founder Cristy Neunson’s kitchen out of the desire to create an easy and consistent answer to crafting delicious sparkling cocktails at home. Along with her husband John, and tenured beverage professional Ken Dee, they vetted the concept and it soon became clear that they uncovered an opportunity in the ready-to-drink cocktail space. 

“I’ve always gravitated toward champagne,” stated Neunson in a press release. “But in recent years, I’ve often found myself ordering sparkling cocktails as they’ve become increasingly popular on menus at restaurants and bars. When we put our heads together, we realized there was this white space between premium spirits and sparkling wine that we could fill. Knowing we wanted to create a multi-serve product that could be shared and wouldn’t fall flat, we decided to incorporate the experiential element of encouraging consumers to choose their own adventure by adding the sparkling beverage of their choice.”

Brody’s comes to market during a period of strong growth and segmentation in the U.S. ready-to-drink cocktail category and at a time when consumers value experiential food and beverage products to enjoy at home. These expertly blended cocktails are best enjoyed chilled; topped with champagne, sparkling wine, club soda, tonic or ginger beer; or even on the rocks.

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