Driftless Glen Fills 7,000th Barrel

Max Thibodeaux and Nathan Mahinski

Driftless Glen Distillery of Baraboo, Wisconsin, announced that it filled its 7,000th barrel on Feb. 18.

Driftless Glen, which started filling barrels in 2014, shares that its barrels are charred, new American oak, and its whiskey is never sourced. In addition to the Wheated Bourbon that’s in barrel No. 7,000, the thousands of other barrels include straight bourbon, rye, 51 rye and more.

“It’s especially exciting for me because this week was my seven-year work anniversary here at Driftless Glen,” said distiller Nathan Mahinski. “This barrel was filled with our Wheated Bourbon, and that product is something we began distilling years ago. We have some older barrels of it that will be turning five this spring and we are looking forward to its release. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this product and all others of ours.” 

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