Make Your Own Whiskey With Iowa Craft Distillery’s Private Barrel Club

A unique private barrel club experience that allows its members to taste, smell and choose their own recipes for a barrel’s worth of curated spirits awaits whiskey connoisseurs at West Des Moines, Iowa-based Foundry Distilling Co.

“We work with individuals and groups to create their own branded spirits, and hopefully learn a lot along the way,” said Scott Bush, founder and owner of Foundry Distilling, in a press release. “We have quickly become the industry leader in custom labeled spirits and have turned clients from all around the country into amateur distillers.”

The one-of-a-kind process, outlined at, starts with a tasting, whether in-person at Foundry Distilling or through a kit of five curated spirits shipped from Iowa to anywhere the product is offered in the country. 

Each sample has its own unique color, aroma, flavor, and finish. The samples also come with a guide to help customers understand what they’re seeing, smelling, and tasting. Once they decide on a sample they prefer, club members select a bottle style, cork, bottle closure, and customize the label. Foundry Distilling handles all regulatory issues, taxes, and distribution.

“Other distilleries offer barrel picks of their stock whiskeys, but we’re one of the only distillers who allow customers to develop a fully custom package,” Bush stated. “We work with you to create your very own label that highlights you, your business, or whatever event or milestone you are celebrating.”

Through word-of-mouth, the company has already produced hundreds of barrels of private-label whiskey. 

Bush, who revived the carefully guarded Templeton Rye bootleg whiskey recipe and turned the Prohibition Era legend into a legitimate, medal-winning national brand, is now ready to take the Private Barrel Club nationwide.

In addition to a detailed knowledge-based experience about whiskey, Private Barrel Club members get a barrel’s worth of curated spirits that they can call their own. Each customer is a part of an unforgettable experience that they can enjoy or even share with others.’

To learn more about Foundry Distilling’s Private Barrel Club, visit For additional information about Foundry Distilling, head on over to

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