Stone Ledge Spirits Releases First Aged Whiskey

Defiance, Missouri-based Stone Ledge Spirits Co. announced the release of its first aged whiskey: Stowloch.

“We are thrilled to be able to release this amazing whiskey,” Mark Sutherland, CEO of Stone Ledge Spirits Co., said. “We have been getting ready for this moment for years, and now we can share the uniqueness of the Ozark Highlands with everyone. The smooth and sweet finish to our whiskey created by long fermentation and no rye in our mash is unique for a 100-proof spirit, and we know this will quickly become a favorite for many people.”

Stowloch is mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in the Ozark Highlands region, aged at least four years in made-in-Missouri barrels, and uses natural or untreated water that does not contain chlorine or fluoride.

“The recipe for Stowloch is actually a recipe brought to America in 1761,” Sutherland said. “Our process uses only heirloom, non-GMO grain and long fermentation and we are committed to quality and sustainability from ground to glass. You will find that commitment in every bottle of Stowloch.”

Stowloch will be officially launched on December 22 at Lit Cigar Lounge in Chesterfield, Missouri. The release event begins at 6pm and more details can be found at There will be free tastings and specials available all evening.

Stowloch is the combination of Anglo-Saxon and Irish words to create a product that puts a smile on the face of whiskey drinkers worldwide. “Stow” is Anglo-Saxon for “holy place” and “loch” is Irish for “lake.” The team at Stone Ledge Spirits Company took liberty to translate it to “holy water.”

The Stowloch symbol is also unique, giving tribute to the world of alchemy where artists and innovators turned water into something of much greater value. In Stone Ledge’s case, whiskey. The logo is a combination of the alchemist symbols for earth, water and wood – the three essential elements of a true Ozark Highlands whiskey.

“There is a 200-year history of distilling in the Ozark Highlands, and the natural limestone filters the water to create a smooth, almost sweet, mineral water,” Sutherland said. “This is an incredible foundation from which to build an amazing whiskey.”

Inspired by the art of traditional distilling and the beauty of the Ozark Highlands, Stowloch Whiskey is a true Ozark Highlands whiskey.

Stowloch Whiskey will be available across Missouri in 2023.

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