Stone Ledge Releases InverXion Vodka

Stone Ledge Spirits Co., located in Defiance, Missouri, announced the official release of its first premium vodka—InverXion Vodka.

“InverXion Vodka is a premium, eight-times distilled vodka born using all-natural, limestone-filtered water from Missouri’s Ozark Highlands,” Mark Sutherland, CEO of Stone Ledge Spirits Company and co-founder of InverXion Vodka, said. “Our long fermentation process creates an incredibly smooth finish, and the limestone-filtered mineral water adds a delicious taste giving our vodka a uniqueness in the marketplace.”

InverXion Vodka is a 100% sweet corn vodka, handcrafted in Missouri’s Ozark Highlands using all-natural, limestone-filtered water. InverXion utilizes long-fermentation for smoothness and is distilled eight-times in hand-forged Missouri copper stills and then finished using vacuum inverted distillation. InverXion is proofed down using the same limestone-filtered mineral water giving it a unique character that captures the essence of Missouri’s Ozark Highlands.

“InverXion is not only a high-quality premium vodka, but it is also a brand that embraces adventure and the outdoors,” Sutherland said. “It is designed for those who believe that adventure favors the bold, and our name is a tribute to our distilling process, and to the adventurers and innovators who redefine what is possible and push the edge in everything they do.”

InverXion Vodka is being released in select stores in Missouri and at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits across Florida.  

“This is an amazing vodka and I’m thrilled we are bringing it to consumers,” Alex Kowtun, co-founder of InverXion Vodka and Monkey in Paradise Vodka, said. “This is a premium product and we are thrilled that consumers who appreciate quality vodka at a competitive price across Missouri and Florida will be the first to indulge.”

InverXion Vodka’s sneak peek was in front of 3,000-plus people at the exclusive Wheels, Wings and Fashion event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on April 29, and will be officially launched in Missouri on June 29 at Johnny’s Hideout in High Ridge.

“We encourage everyone to invert their perspective, and invert their vodka, because X marks the spot.”

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