Fortune’s Fool Unveils The Overture Rye Whiskey

Woman-founded and led whiskey producer Fortune’s Fool of Indianapolis announces the sequel in its lineup of premium whiskeys. The Overture is a premium straight rye whiskey distilled in Kentucky and aged in the highest quality barrels from Napa Valley’s Seguin Moreau Cooperage. 

The Overture follows The Prelude, the opening act of Fortune’s Fool. The Overture showcases Fortune’s Fool continued dedication to quality spirits. Like The Prelude, The Overture’s aging in the world’s finest barrels significantly impacts the whiskey flavor, with 60-80% of the flavor derived from the barrel. The wood used to make the Seguin Moreau barrels is air dried for more than 24 months in open-air seasoning yards, tested for chemical content, and carefully charred and toasted over oak fires. 

“Collectors and whiskey enthusiasts will be pleased to add The Overture to their home bars this year. The Prelude was a massive success, and we’ve taken a similar approach to producing The Overture with the same mash bill and barrel aging,” said Juliet Schmalz, MD, founder and CEO of Fortune’s Fool. “The wood used to make the Seguin Moreau barrels is air dried for more than 24 months, compared to the industry average of three to six months. This choice of barrel for aging our whiskey really makes our product stand out from the rest. We can’t wait for you to try The Overture and see for yourself.”

Aged for 39 months, The Overture is bottled at 109.4 proof (54.7% ABV) and offers a unique sipping experience made up of a mash bill of 62% Rye, 30% Corn and 8% Barley. On the nose, baking spices are followed by notes of sweet, creamy vanilla and citrus. When tasting, the first sip has a light spiciness with hints of berry followed by notes of dried orange, warm honey and oak. The definitive, warm finish has a round mouthfeel with faint notes of dried white peach. It will be available online at and in liquor stores and select bars and restaurants across Indiana. The Overture will also be available in additional markets nationwide in the coming months. 

Schmalz, a former anesthesiologist who left medicine to pursue her passion for whiskey, launched Fortune’s Fool in 2019 and chooses each mash bill for Fortune’s Fool spirits, bringing the precision and care of a physician to her work with Fortune’s Fool. The Prelude and The Overture serve as the opening acts to several upcoming releases, as Fortune’s Fool prepares to launch a bourbon later this year.

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