Liberty Pole Spirits Releases Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye Whiskey

Washington, Pennsylvania-based Liberty Pole Spirits proudly announces the arrival of Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye Whiskey. The whiskey is a testament to the time-honored and once world-famous Monongahela Rye style, reintroduced to modern whiskey drinkers. 

Based on a storied recipe beloved for centuries, Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye  Whiskey pays homage to its historical roots while embracing the essence of  contemporary distillation. At the core of its character lies a high rye mash bill made with 74% total rye, composed of 61% Pennsylvania grown rye and 13% malted rye. This distinctive blend is further enriched with 13% wheat and 13% malted barley, resulting in a classic style of pot distilled Pennsylvania rye whiskey. 

What sets Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye Whiskey apart is not only its recipe but  also its craftsmanship. After eight years of focusing exclusively on fine tuning its pot distilled whiskey, Liberty Pole Spirits honors the tradition of Monongahela Rye by sweet mashing and double pot distilling each batch. The process of pot distillation is essential and ensures the preservation of those herbal, spice and fruity grain flavors in a rich, viscous and flavor-forward whiskey. 

Following this traditional distillation process, the spirit is placed into 53-gallon barrels made from local Appalachian oak by the West Virginia Great Barrel Company at a low barrel entry of 108 proof. This low entry proof guards against astringency that can occur in high barrel proof whiskeys while extracting those dark leather and caramel notes that the distillery wants to be front and center in its whiskeys. 

The inaugural release of Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye Whiskey marks a milestone in the distillery’s journey, showcasing a blend of six barrels ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 years old.  Bottled at a proof of 108, mirroring its barrel entry proof, this expression captures the true essence of Monongahela Rye, promising a sensory experience that transcends time and tradition. 

“We are thrilled to introduce Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye Whiskey to enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike,” says Jim Hough, co-founder of Liberty Pole Spirits. “With every  bottle, we invite you to embark on a journey through history, savoring the legacy of Monongahela Rye while embracing the spirit of innovation that defines our craft.” 

This release will be available at the distillery and for shipping to Pennsylvania addresses on May 11 for $64 for a 750-mL bottle.

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