Oak & Eden Releases Bourbon & Brew

Dallas-based indie whiskey producer, Oak & Eden has announced the launch of its ninth unique expression since inception in May 2018, Bourbon & Brew, which took home a double gold medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020. Taking the creamy sweetness of Oak & Eden Bourbon whiskey, finished with the depth and richness found in West Oak Coffee’s cold brew coffee, Bourbon & Brew marries together this unlikely, completely necessary duo. 

Oak & Eden Whiskey has pioneered a patented process called “In-Bottle Finishing,” where they place a 5” long spiral-cut piece of wood, called the Spire, into their fully-aged bottle of whiskey, imparting new flavors and characteristics to the whiskey that wouldn’t be achieved in a single barrel alone. Bourbon & Brew begins with Oak & Eden’s five-time gold medal-winning Bourbon whiskey (60% corn, 36% rye, 4% malted barley), which is then finished inside the bottle with a French Oak spire that had previously soaked in West Oak Coffee’s Delagua Colombian cold brew coffee, giving a delicate, sweet, dark chocolate & coffee finish, unlike anything else. 

West Oak Coffee, based in Denton, Texas, is one of the premier names in the craft coffee world, roasting some of the finest coffees found in America. Oak & Eden collaborated with this Denton-based roaster/coffee shop for the production of Bourbon & Brew due to their award-winning recognition in the industry, as well as their philanthropic approach to sourcing their coffee. They have gone above & beyond in supporting and paying above fair wage to coffee farms throughout Colombia, Thailand, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Burundi, and El Salvador. 

“Bourbon & Brew puts an entirely new twist on the marriage between coffee and whiskey,” says Joe Giildenzopf, cofounder and CEO of Oak & Eden. “Where most are familiar with coffee liqueurs, or alcoholic coffees, Bourbon & Brew is a bourbon with a delicate dark chocolate, candied fruit, and of course, coffee finish. We are so proud of this release and extremely humbled to have received a Gold Medal at the industry’s most revered spirits competition, San Francisco World Spirits Competition. We couldn’t imagine receiving better validation to our in-bottle finishing technique and the robust, flavorful spirit it produces.” 

Oak & Eden has taken home 20 gold awards in less than one year, and has been named among the Top 10 Whiskies Made in the U.S. by Best Products, one of the Spirits Business’ Top 50 Innovative New Spirits, and has been included on Top 10 whiskey lists by publishers such as Forbes, Wide Open Eats, Brobible, UPROXX, and many others. 

Bourbon & Brew is the sixth limited edition mark, and ninth product in the overall Oak & Eden product lineup. The current product line includes Bourbon & Spire, Rye & Spire, Wheat & Spire, Bourbon & Vine, a cabernet steeped bourbon, Rye & Rumba, a Caribbean rum infused rye, the Ale Series, two unique whiskey expressions made in collaboration with Rahr & Sons Brewery out of Fort Worth, TX, and Round Prairie Rye, a collaborative barrel proof rye whiskey crafted with soaring rock Americana duet, Jamestown Revival. Bourbon & Brew is available for sale in Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Oklahoma, as well as available for sale online at shop.oakandeden.com

Learn more about Bourbon & Brew at oakandeden.com/bourbon-brew.