Arryved Continues to Invest in Craft Community, Sees Record Growth in 2021

Arryved, a point-of-service (POS) service provider for craft beverage and food establishments, made significant investments in growth in 2021. The company closed $20 million in financing last year, doubled its number of employees, added Loren Bendele to its leadership team as chief executive officer, and released Arryved OpenTab, all while maintaining a net promoter score of 88 and retaining 98 percent of customers.  

The company has surpassed 1,180 customers nationwide this year and saw consumer app downloads nearly double month-over-month in the past year, with more than 140,000 craft food and beverage lovers opting to pay for their tabs through the Arryved app.

Continuous investments in leadership over the past year continue to push Arryved’s product development, technology innovations and customer service excellence to be best-in-class. Serving the restaurant and craft beverage industries, Arryved is uniquely positioned to provide technology solutions and human-first service models that reflect the values of the industries it serves. 

Cumulative data from Arryved shows that establishments using the POS system have seen an average tip percentage increase of 2 percent since 2018, proving that mobile payment solutions and technology advancements in the service industry benefit both guests and staff.

“We strive to differentiate ourselves as the leading technology provider for the craft food and beverage industry through our commitment to the customer and their guests,” said Bendele in a press release. “Our customer service team excels at understanding industry trends and the needs of our customers, and our development team has proven to pivot and develop tools that provide additional revenue for consumers.”

With support from the latest financial investments and the addition of Benedele to its leadership team, Arryved will continue to respond quickly to changes to the service industry and build new avenues for revenue for its customers. 

In 2021, Arryved launched OpenTab, which helps augment service-first models of craft food and beverage establishments with technology that streamlines transactional tasks between guests and staff. The new feature of Arryved’s POS solutions provides flexibility for guests and also meets the needs of restaurants, taprooms and bars that provide unique seating arrangements or include activities that bring guests to different locations in a space. 

“Our customers, many of whom have seen huge shifts in consumer behavior this year, have been forced to adapt and we are continuously innovating our technology to help them do so. With the launch of Arryved OpenTab this year, we’re helping craft establishments create a service-first environment that encourages flexibility and ease of use for both staff and their guests,” says Bendele.  

Through its innovative and quick-acting approach to helping its customers navigate unprecedented challenges, Arryved’s mobile app and e-commerce offerings position restaurants, eatertainment venues, and craft beverage establishments including breweries, bars, cideries, meaderies, and distilleries to accept contactless payment and fans to place touch-free orders from their favorite establishments online and on-premise.

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